Our project methods include the development of three main outputs:

  1. A hands-on fun-packed training curriculum and workshops with non-formal approaches to Coding, A.I. and Robotics; learning by building and Coding Robots and understanding A.I. through gamification in a non-formal and fun environment. The workshops will be the gateway for adult educators to understand how Robotics, Coding and A.I. are used in the industry, why there is a need to teach these futuristic skills to the women returners, and how they should make learning fun for their students.
  2. A set of resources for adult educators on how to stimulate interest in coding, A.I, and robotics and how to support the introduction of these topics through non-formal educational methods. This will help professionals in adult education to develop their own skills base.
  3. A Methodology and Implementation strategy that promotes cross-sectoral dialogue and the involvement in the community development sector, in terms of supporting the training of staff, managers, and educators at a local and regional level.